I’ve never been anything but a criminal defense lawyer during my 42 years of practice.  My office has been Umatilla, Florida, since 1980. In 1987 the Florida Bar first certified a group of 23 as board certified criminal trial lawyers.  I was among that group and have remained board certified ever since. The Rules of Criminal Procedure require an attorney to meet certain standards to defend cases where the death penalty may be imposed.  I have satisfied those standards since before they were established.If you have been accused of a felony, misdemeanor or juvenile crime, in State Court, I can represent you from the pretrial bond hearing through a jury trial; also I can represent you if you are charged with violating your State probation. I can offer experienced expert representation if you have been accused of a crime.  I am not a doctor, former sheriff’s deputy or former prosecutor.  My entire career has been dedicated to representing the accused.  I personally do all my investigation and legal research and write all my pleadings.  I do every legal thing I know to minimize any resulting harm to you.

                               - Ron Fox

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